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GardenCartDissassembledNoBox-Full GardenCartAssembledNoBox-Full

Garden Cart Railing w/o box


SSKGC1:  This kit consists of 1.5" x 1.5" aluminum angle cut and drilled to fit the Equinox frame  with mounting hardware. 

Technical Specifications:

This kit consists of two pieces 6061 Aluminum Angle 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1/8" x 36" with right and left sides cut 45 degrees on the end.  One piece of 1 1/2" angle cut to 22" at 45 degrees on both ends.  Two Pieces of 1 1/2" angle cut 10" long.  On the bottom of the side angles are two 11/16" holes drilled 32" apart on center.  All of the angle pieces are drilled and tapped to accept a 1/4" x 20 bolt.  The supplied bolts are 1/4" x 20 x 3/4" nylon hex head.  Additionally there are four 5/16" x 16 x 3/4" nylon wing bolts with 4 3/8" SAE Zinc plated flat washers.  Also included are six 1/4" thick rubber rattle dampers with 5/8" holes in them.


This kit is designed to fit a default Equinox frame with the corner posts 32" end to end.  The images below show the kit and frame and the SSKGC1 kit with the adjoining image removed.