Custom Colors

Custom colors

Rain Cover for 13" Rectangular Sides

ACRS Fabric cover for cargo carriers with short sides.

Rain Cover for 19" Sloped Sides

ACSDW Rain Cover for 19" Sloped Sides with window

Sun Screen for 19" Sloped Sides

OFSY Sun Screen for 19" Rectangular Sides

Sun Screen for 19" Rectangular Sides

ACRAM Sun Screen for 19" Rectangular Sides

Rain Cover for 32" Sloped Sides and front screen

ACSTW Rain Cover for 32" Sloped Sides for long frame with screen

Rain Cover / Screen Combination 19 inch Sloped Sides

ACSDMW Rain Cover for 19" sloped sides with mesh front and window combination

Rain Cover for 32" Rectangular Sides

ACRT Fabric cover for cargo trailer with 32" tall sides

Rain Cover for 19" Rectangular Sides -Long

ACRDL Fabric Cover for cargo carriers with 19 inch high sides on a long frame The default cover is made of yellow 420 denier packcloth. Elastic cords are sewn into side sleeves. The cover is attached to the trailer with six button snaps.

Superstructure parts - Rib for center of superstructure

PA35 Center rib for superstructure

Rain cover 26" rectangular sides

ACRA Rain cover for 26" rectangular sides

Rain Cover 19" rectangular sides

ACRD Rain cover for 19" rectangular sides

Rain Cover for 32" sides - expands wide

ACRTEW - Rain cover for 32" side - expands wide

Rain cover, rectangular, 26" long

ACRTL Rain Cover, Rectangular, 26"Tall, Long frame

Rain Cover for 13" rectangular sides - long

ACRSLEW Rain Cover for 13" rectangular trailer with expanding frame - long

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