Conversion Kits


EasyStow, Classic, Open Bay, Divided Bay, Anodized

Hitchs, Handles & Harnesses

Bicycling, Jogging, Hiking, Running, Trekking, Skiing, Walking

Retrofit Kits

Small Parts

Bolts, Buckles, Lanyards, Pins, Retainers, Safety Straps, Snaps, Springs


Side Panels, Rails, Floor Bags, Floors, Seats, Rain Covers, Sun Screens


Bicycling, Hiking, Trekking, Walking, Jogging, Running, Skiing, Wheels, Tires

Cotter Pin - hairpin style

VMRL60: 5/8" hairpin cotter (2105). Used on wheel dropouts and to secure roll bar.

Ball Cap

PC13 Ball Cap

Small Parts - 1 inch tube connector

VPLG 10 1" round to round nylon tube connector

Tongue Mount Clamp System PT29

PT29 Tongue Mount Clamp System: Includes PT27 forward clamp and PT28 Inner Frame Clamp

Hardware Upgrade

Hardware upgrade from grade #5 zinc plated to Stainless steel bolts

Fabric refit Package

PM18 Fabric Refit Package: Zipfast Bottom, 19" sloped sides with window, child seat, rain cover and front screen.

Ski Sled Threaded Ball Joint

VJJT1 Threaded Ball Joint

Tongue - Standard Length 2011 (26") - Blue

PT30 Standard length tongue for2011 extending tongue system (26")

Frame Parts - Frame Expander / Connector default

EQTCK1 Frame adjuster narrow to default

Small Parts - threaded pin

VEF26 Threaded Pin 1/4" x 20 x 2 1/2" zinc plated

Side Rail Set: 19" Sloped

PF 14, PF15 and PF16 Side Rail Set: 19"; Sloped

Disc Brake System

OBS Disc brake System

Side Rail Set: 32" Sloped

Side Rail - 32" high from trailer frame Sloped Shape 3/4" Anodized Aluminum Set of Left and Right Rails All mounting hardware included

Side Panel Set: 19" Rectangular; Yellow

PF36 and PF361 and PF16 and PM21 19" rectangular Side Panel Set

Tongue Parts - Safety Strap to Bicycle

EQST4 Tongue Parts - Safety Strap - Tongue to Bike

Equinox Trailer wants to help you customize your trailer to fit your specific needs. Browse our online store to see our large assortment of unique conversion kits. These kits allow you to convert different applications when connecting to our trailers. You can find anything for a carrier.
Our large inventory of exclusive parts is sure to meet all your projects. Trick out your new trailer today! Our trailers come with several wheel options at the time of purchase. You have a choice between no wheels, hand-built wheels with pneumatic tires, and hand-built wheels with solid urethane tires. We are ready to answer your questions. Our parts and components department is committed to taking whatever time necessary to make you feel at ease. Let us help customize your trailer! Contact Equinox Trailer for all your trailer needs at 541-942-7895.