Scott Humason

I am the CEO, Sales Representative, Customer Support Director, Website Designer, Programmer, Systems Administrator, Marketing Director, Promotions Director, Research and Development coordinator, Industrial Sewer, Metal Fabricator, and a rigorous product tester. My background includes 15-years of professional bike mechanics, intertwined with 10-years of advanced cisco, unix, and linux systems support I currently work for Concentric Sky as a network engineer and systems administrator. They are a real conscious group of people and are amazingly thorough. I have also extensively travel throughout East Asia and Eastern Europe by way of bicycle touring. I really enjoy culminating the skills that I have accrued over the years and applying them to a product that I whole-heartedly believe in, and fall more in love with everyday.

I am excited to push this company into a realm of combining advanced inventory control, manufacturing methodologies, streamlined workflow, and a thorough end-to-end customer support system. The intense amount of work to set forth this technology in place will hopefully allow Equinox Trailers to push the high-end, high-performance trailer into a realm of unsurpassed quality while also lowering the costs of production. We will continue to be a hand-made product, offering the individual attention that each trailer deserves while still being completely manufactured in the USA.

A brief chronology of my life is as follows:
At an early age, I had an extreme love of cycling. When I was 15 I entered my first mountain bike race and shortly after got a job in a bike shop in Santa Barbara. At 17, I won my first state championships race. By 18, I was sponsored by Schwinn and had won the Cactus Cup Series, California Sate Series, a National Downhill Championship and a number of podiums in the National Cross Country Circuit. At 19, I was a team mechanic and doing R&D for a suspension company. At 20, I retired from competitive cycling and did a solo trip across China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand for 4 months, thus completing my first bicycle trip ever.

I came back to the states and worked in a bike/snowboard/ski shop in Mammoth Lakes, Ca and snowboarded a fair amount. Then I moved to Nome, Alaska, where I got my first job doing computer work and my first certification in Ethernet and Fiber Optics cabling. After a year of that, I moved on to Ohio to work with a company that managed technical operations for over 200 school districts in the state. At this time I studied for a bunch of CISCO certifications and wound up with my CCNA, CCDA, CCNP. With these, I got a job in Pittsburgh, PA, managing a multi-million dollar network for one of the largest steel companies in the world. This is where I learned and utilized a lot of UNIX programing to automate my job. I eventually got bored and wasn't outside as much as I needed to be, so I moved to Prague for a year. I taught English 3 days a week, and the other 4, I got to bike all over Eastern Europe an absolutely amazing place.

I eventually moved back to the states, because I wanted to be more connected to the idea of doing something beneficial and meaningful and was finding it difficult with the language and citizenship barrier. So I flew into LA, got on my bike and rode north and after a couple of weeks I ended up Eugene. I decided to go back to school for the 5th time, pushing into the 6th year of schooling. Meanwhile, I got certified as a whitewater rafting guide, and have floated a lot of the rivers in Oregon. Just recently I got to guide the Grand Canyon for 3 weeks (whoa big water). If you go, go prepared! Anyhow, at some point I realized that formal education just wasn't for me and this is when I met Don. We formed a business partnership with the idea of making a more refined product that branches out into more specialized endeavors. Since I have been here, my perspective around the benefits and use of a high performance trailer has certainly reshaped and grown. Seeing a trailer as a very key, diverse, and unique tool has definitely revamped my own travels and notions of what is possible....