for the Equinox Bicycle Trailer
Thank you for choosing an Equinox. We are proud of our products and want you to be equally proud of owning one. Your Equinox bicycle trailer is designed to be a natural and convenient extension of your bicycle.
The following are our recommendations for proper and safe use of the trailer. Please read them carefully before using your trailer.
We recommend 20mph ( 35 k mph) as a maximum speed. Your Equinox trailer is very stable, but it is also very light. It is possible to tip a lightly loaded trailer by hitting holes, curbs, or road obstacles at high speeds.
We recommend safety helmets for cyclists and trailer passengers and that the seat belts and shoulder harness be worn always.
Do not exceed 150 lbs (70 kg) weight. Keep the load secure and evenly distributed. Although the trailer will support more weight, extra weight makes handling more difficult.
Practice towing your loaded trailer in a traffic free area. The extra weight increases the stopping time and distance.
After you have assembled your trailer, check all fasteners to be sure that the bolts and axle nuts or quick release mechanisms are tight. If you are not sure how to operate quick release wheels, refer to the instructions. Be sure that the tongue is secure and that the safety strap is connected. Make sure that the safety clips are in place in the wheel dropouts.
Be sure that the brakes and wheels of your towing bicycle are in good working order. If you intend to carry heavy loads (over 100 lbs[45 kg s]) or ride in areas of steep hills, you may need to equip your bicycle with tandem or mountain bike brakes.
Be sure that the trailer's tires are properly inflated (30psi [2.1 k gs cm] minimum). The combination of flat tires, loose axle nuts and the absence of wheel retainer pins could contribute to a trailer rollover.
Check the hitch connections to be sure that everything is properly and securely in place. This should be done each time the trailer is reattached to the bicycle.
Periodically check the wheels, tongue and hitch connections for tightness and correctness.