Instructions For Infant Sling

The infant sling is attached in the same manner as the shoulder straps in the child seat instructions. The infant may be carried alongside another passenger or alone in any of the three positions. The straps sewn onto the upper corners of the infant sling are attached to the seat with the double lock tab buckles on the seat. One of the crotch straps from the seat is passed through the two guide straps on the infant sling. The crotch strap is buckled to the adjustable loop, which slips over the infant's head, with the center release buckle.

The baby is laid on the open sling much a diaper. Then the sling is closed around the infant with the velcro closures. Then the loop with the buckle tap on it it brought over the baby's head and snapped to the crotch strap.

If one is fitting the infant sling to an old Equinox without the sewn in straps and buckles, then additional buckles are provided. Also a strap that functions as a crotch strap is provided. This strap must be passed through the child seat and buckled to the cross frame behind the child seat. To do this, a slit is made in the fabric of the child seat at the crease where is is sewn onto the lap belt and the stitches cut between the two perpendicular lines of stitching in the center of the back of the child seat.