Instructions For Child Seat

The child seat is mounted at the factory and only requires the insertion of the roll bar. There are three positions that allow the passengers to recline or sit upright. Three straps are sewn into the seat to accommodate two children sitting side by side or a single passenger sitting in the center. A center release buckle is attached to the appropriate strap passed between the passenger's legs and attached to the shoulder strap over the passenger chest. At the factory, the shoulder straps are arranged for a passenger in the center and a passenger on the right side. One would never use the arrangement , but it displays both positions.

Shoulder straps are provided for two passengers. If only one passenger is carried, the second strap is tucked behind the seat. The shoulder strap is passed through the appropriate guide strap (sewn onto the upright part of the seat). The guide strap used depends upon the size of the passenger. Then the strap passes through the center release buckle and through another guide strap. Finally, the shoulder strap is attached to a double lock tab buckle at the top of the seat. For a single passenger this buckle is at the right side. for two passengers, the buckles are in the center.

The passenger is seated on the seat. The shoulder strap is pulled over the passenger's head, the crotch strap brought up between the legs, and the buckle snapped together over the passenger's chest. The strap lengths are then adjusted for proper fit. A lap belt is also provided.

A strap under the seat divides the seat for two passengers. This strap is attached with a center release buckle to the tab sewn onto the inside front of the trailer body.


        If a child seat is being added to a frame which previously had twist lock fasteners or no fabric,  then it may benecessary to drill two holes in the frame to accommodate the 1/4" x 1 1/2" bolts that attach the front of the child seat to the trailer frame.   Frames  without twist lock fasteners will be marked by a slight depression and bright spot on the underside of the frame about 6 inches infront of the wheel dropout.  The mark will be slightly inside of center of the frame tube.  Using an electric drill with a 1/4" drill bit, drill through the aluminum tube.  Insert a 1/4" x 1 1/4" bolt through the frame from the underside,  Place the grommet attached to the 1 1/2" webbing strap on the front of the child seat over the protruding bolt.  Place the 5/16" flat washer on top of the grommet and fix with the 1/4" locknut. 

     Pull the webbing strap tight and drill a holl through the frame on the opposit side slightly beyound the grommet hole.  This will ensure that when the bolt is put through the frame the webbing strap will be pulled taught to get the grommet over the bolt end.  Then fix with washer and nut