Installing the Bolt-on Hitch




The Bolt-on Hitch is installed on the left-hand side of your bicycle frame, near the hub of your rear wheel. It may be attached to the chain stay or seat stay of your rear wheel, which ever is more convenient.

Fit the rubber sleeve over your frame stay. Place the aluminum frame protector over the rubber sleeve. Place the hitch casting under the stay and slip the U-Bolts over the rubber sleeve frame protector and stay, and through the holes in the hitch casting.

Fit the 1/4” washer and 1/4” locknut onto the inside (closest to the wheel) end of the U-Bolts and snug down. Then tighten the nuts on the out side.

The angle at which the rod end joint protrudes from the hitch block may be adjusted to four different positions depending on the geometry of your frame or if you use your seat stay or chain stay.  Remove the top socket head bolt and loosen the bottom one with the provided 3/16" hex key.  Move the mounting block to the desired position and re-tighten. 

The trailer is attached by aligning the 3/8" hole on the tongue clevis over the 3/8" hole on the rod end joint and pressing the cotter-less hitch pin through the two holes.  The pin is attached to the end of the trailer tongue with a lanyard.

If you are using more than one bicycle to carry the trailer, it may be convenient to acquire additional hitch mounts.