Reassembly Instructions for (some) International Packaging Requirements

Your Equinox Trailer has been lightly disassembled to allow it to be shipped. A couple minutes of basic assembly is required to get your Equinox Trailer up and running. Follow these instructions:

Replace the main frame connectors. You will find two 7/8''d x 3 ¼'' tubing sections with a ¼'' x 1 ¼'' truss bolt attached. Slide these into the ends of the frame which has a corresponding 1 ¼'' truss bolt. The bolts must be removed and reattached.

Pass the ends of the main frame through the webbing loops sewn into the front and back of the trailer bottom. Then over the ends of the connectors which were installed in the above step. Affix with the remaining ¼'' x 1 ¼'' truss bolts.

Remove the ¼'' x 2 ¼'' bolts from the ends of the cross frame member (which has the child seat attached to it). Place the cross frame member between the main frame at the place the holes are drilled to accept it. Attach with the ¼'' x 2 ¼'' bolts.

Slide the bottom stiffeners (¼'' x 18'' fiberglass rods) through the holes in the 3 black webbing straps sewn onto the bottom of the trailer bottom fabric.

Reattach the child seat with the ¼'' x 1 1/2'' bolt & washer. You may have to grip the yellow webbing with a tool to pull it over enough to allow the bolt to pass through the grommet.

Slide the side rails over the hinged posts on the frame and attach with the zipper.